One of the Best Traditions to Start the New Year


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next years words await another voice” – T.S. Elliot


As 2013 draws to a close, we encourage you to take the time to reflect and write a Legacy Letter. Similar to an ethical will but usually shorter in length, a personal legacy letter is written to share what has been most important in your life with loved ones.

A great idea is to take the time to write a legacy letter on behalf of your children when they are too young to do it for themselves. Annual letters documenting children’s blossoming personalities and emotional growth are a treasure worth saving and sharing. Your kids love stories about themselves, and as time passes, the small details are lost to the quick passing of time. Capture them now while they are still fresh!

Storytelling is the most powerful way to connect with family members and can have huge influence on your children and grandchildren. Writing down the special stories of life’s moments guarantees that  your wisdom and values are truly preserved. Please make sure to print and store them safely (or back them up off your computer).

Andrew Weil, M.D, author of Healthy Aging sums it up very nicely, “Certainly, an ethical will can be a wonderful gift to leave your family at the end of your life, but I think its main importance is what it can give you in the midst of your life.”

So please don’t put it off. Do it before the rush of the New Year begins! You (and your family and friends) will cherish the results.


Best of Health, Happiness, Joy and Prosperity for 2014!
Be well, go safely,

Iris and her team at Memoirs Productions