Iris E. Wagner, CEO Memoirs Productions

Iris E. Wagner

CEO, Founder & Executive Producer

A pioneer in producing ethical wills — Legacy of Valuesand video biography documentaries, Iris E. Wagner considers Memoirs Productions to be her life’s work. Using her education and years of professional experience in International Finance, she quickly moved to her love of working with entrepreneurs and start-ups. Receiving her graduate degree in Film and Communications at Concordia University, Iris founded Memoirs Productions in 2000. She now passionately works to preserve the stories of successful family businesses and individuals who wish to pass on their wisdom, values, beliefs and lessons learned along with their financial assets.

Iris Wagner has been nominated and won awards for her work, both in Canada and the U.S. The National Film Board distributes one of her posthumous bio-docs worldwide. Her firm, Memoirs Productions, is considered by the Association of Personal Historians to be the industry’s “blueprint for success”. She is credited as Executive Producer for the recent critically acclaimed documentary Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s, about the 100+ year-old fashion emporium in New York City. In 2015, she was profiled in the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s Penta as an expert in video ethical will and biography productions.

A sought-after speaker at family office and international conferences, Iris is also a thought-leader in the emerging digital legacy field. Using her professional experience capturing families’ stories and ethical wills on video, she is pioneering discussions on digital media management and legacy preservation.

Ms. Wagner is passionate about preserving life stories and values: the essence of what truly matters. Her life’s mission and personal legacy is apparent in each of the heirlooms that she and her team at Memoirs create.


  • International Leadership Association conference speaker, Barcelona, Oct. 2015
  • Highlighted in Wall Street Journal online documentary, August 2015
  • Legacy preservation expert featured in Barrons Penta, May 2015
  • Published White Paper: Preserving Your Legacy of Values, March 2015
  • Recipient of Family Office Review award for Excellence in Specialty Services, 2014
  • Co-Executive Producer of Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s, 2013
  • Author of Living Legacies prologuea collection of Women’s ethical wills
  • Recipient of RayLign Family Well-Being Award, 2011


Iris E. Wagner has been invited to speak and present some inspiring video clips on Preserving Legacies at: OPAL Family Office Forum, Northern Trust, International Leadership Association (I.L.A.), Purposeful Planning Institute, Campden Conferences, Institute of Private Investors, TIGER 21, CITIBANK Global Family Office, Fidelity Family Office, Family Firm Institute, Family Wealth Alliance, Institute of Investor Research, Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprises, CAFĖ and others.

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