Memoirs’ First International Theatrical Release of Legacy Documentary – Scatter MyAshes At Bergdorf’s [May 3, 2013]

Demand for Preserving Family Legacy Rises: Ethical Will Productions Document Families’ Values & Beliefs [September 28, 2010]

Memoirs Productions wins RayLign Award for its commitment to perpetuating family well-being [June 13, 2008]



Wall Street Journal/Barron’s Video, 4 minute documentary, How to Preserve Your Family Legacy [August 13, 2015]


The Andrew Carter Show, 6 minute interview on air, CJAD NewsTalk Radio, Montreal’s #1 Morning Show [November 6, 2008]

Laxer Live, with Dan Laxer, 20 minute interview on air, CJAD NewsTalk Radio, Montreal’s #1 English Language radio station [November 10, 2008]

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Barron’s Penta: Reel Values: Family Documentaries [February, 2015] The Art of Storytelling for Family Offices [January, 2015] Preserving Your Family History [August 18, 2014] Ethical Wills: As Large As Life [August 5th, 2013]

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Association of Personal Historians Newsletter: Blueprints for Success: Memoirs Productions Produces Gifts that Keep on Giving [May, 2005]



The Wall Street Journal: Financial Firms Offer a New Service to Wealthy Clients: Family History [June 13, 2016]

The Complete Family Office Handbook, by Kirby Rosplock: As featured in [February, 2014]

It’s More Than Money, Protect Your Legacy, by Patricia Annino: As featured in [April, 2014]

The Montreal Gazette: Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s is a Luxury Moviegoers Can Afford [June 18, 2013]

La Presse+: Documentaire BERGDORF GOODMANIA! [June 14, 2013]

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Family Business Magazine: It’s not just about the valuables — it’s about the values [Autumn, 2009]

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The Leader Newsletter: Using New Media as a Tool…Toward Legacy [Fall 2002]

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