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Memoirs Productions produces bespoke ethical wills and personal and corporate video biographies for families, their foundations and businesses. Our unique skill set and professional award-winning team focus on delivering complete legacy documentary services,  primarily for Family Offices.

Excerpt from an Heirloom Edition: Inspiring Figure: The Louis Rubenstein Story (2:28)

Heirloom™ Edition:

An Heirloom™ Edition (Personal Biography) includes professional research and  biographical interview techniques with the family member(s). The one-hour documentary production is similar to an A&E™ Biography format using creative integration of photographs, video footage, memorabilia and awards. The Ethical Will forms an integral part of this production.

…You took my embryonic idea and ran with it. You developed the sponsorship, you found the funding, you organized the research, you conceived the idea of recruiting two high profile interviewees (Dick Pound and Barbara Ann Scott), and recruited them, and did all the other technical things necessary to create the wonderful end product that we now have.

Hillel Becker, Principal, Rubenstein Bros.

Legacy of Values™ Edition ~Ethical Will:

Since biblical times, people have reflected on their life and communicated their important messages to future generations, usually in the written form. Our Legacy of Values™ Edition ~Ethical Will includes a professional consultation to capture and preserve values, beliefs, morals, lessons learned, and personal reflections. First collected through an in-person interview process with a Legacy Consultant using our unique Ethical Will Worksheet, we then digitally shoot and edit a broadcast-quality production stored on archival media for posterity.

I truly enjoyed the whole (Ethical Will) process and would highly recommend it to anyone. It was emotional, reflective, insightful and deep. I think the quality of the DVD is excellent and I am sure my children will like it as much as I… I am thrilled with the result.

Susan Portnoy, Organized Success

Excerpt from a Legacy of Values Edition: A Client’s Spiritual-Ethical Will (2:14)

Excerpt from a Corporate Archival Edition: The Peerless Story: A Company Without Peers (2:02)

Corporate Archival™ Edition:

Our Corporate Archival™ Edition (Family Business Biography) includes professional research and interview techniques with the Founder, Principal or CEO. This 80-minute documentary production captures the history of the company from founding and details the organizational timeline and milestones. It includes creative integration of awards, photographs, video footage and memorabilia and their archival preservation. The Corporate Ethical Will™ forms an integral part of this production.

…Having the launch of The Peerless Story production in New York enabled our US—based staff to learn about the history of our company and the values on which it was founded. I am very happy to have shared the stories that got us where we are today and plan to circulate this DVD for many years to come.

Alvin Segal
CEO, Peerless Clothing Inc.

Corporate Ethical Will™ Edition:

Our Corporate Ethical Will™ Edition involves the CEO, or Founder of the corporation and through a unique interview process it examines the mission, vision, values and goals of a family business. Recording the values, beliefs and lessons learned in this way will empower families to avoid the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” effect that plagues so many family firms.

We are thrilled that you captured my life and our family business’ stories through the superb documentary that your team has produced. The entire staff of our Hotel Group are inspired by our Corporate Ethical Will which we show regularly at our Team Meetings.

Roger A. Saunders
Founder, Saunders Hotel Group and Chairman of The Lenox Hotel, Boston

Excerpt from a Client’s Corporate Ethical Will (1:28)

Additional Services

Samples of these services are available in our Private Gallery only. Please contact us for details.

Donor Legacy™ Edition

Through an integrated process of anecdotal storytelling and detailing past grantmaking, we record the mission, vision, values and goals of a foundation to enable future generations to perpetuate the philanthropy.

Art and Collectibles™ Edition

Captures the stories and inspiration of an art collection or any other collection type for next generations to receive as valuable and meaningful heirlooms.

Private Family Website

Highly secure and encrypted this type of website is designed to include past, present and future shared family information.

Internationally  Released Productions

We are in the process of developing documentary productions focusing on legacy  for international release.

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Complete Services

We handle everything:  From pre-interview to on-camera to post-production and Première screenings. We produce our videos on various archival media (guaranteed to last 300 years) and can be uploaded onto private family websites. All of our productions are archived in a fireproof safe.

Follow Up

Once completed, as wisdom and values continue to surface through life, we can update all productions with additional storytelling and reflections every ten years or so.

A Memoirs production offers a truly unique experience that brings families closer together. To see how: