In a future that is unknowable, it was important for me to have my family hear my Legacy of Values, from my voice, while I was young and healthy. It is now as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders knowing that this is preserved for future generations to see and internalize.

Gregory T. Rogers, Age 41
Greenwich, Connecticut

Miss Wagner is passionate in her work and the final version reflects this passion. I am overwhelmed with the result and the enthusiasm which has been expressed by my family.

Ephraim (Eph) Diamond,
Co-Founder, former Chairman and CEO Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd., Toronto


It was such a luxury to be able to screen my Dad’s videography at The Hazelton Hotel (private screening room). To be all together in this intimate setting with just the immediate family was a very emotional experience. Our evening together was filled with love, joy and emotion. There were moments of laughter and moments with tears. Together my Dad, yourself and your wonderful team have given all of us a gift of a lifetime.

P.S. My Dad really loved the poster and has already requested an extra, always one for the city and one for the cottage! Thanks so much for the beautiful art work.

Debbie G., Toronto

Iris — You were nothing but straight-forward and clear throughout this process. The production turned out extremely professional, and captured (my grandmother) in all her aspects. Thank you for being flexible in your approach, which resulted in a production that was very meaningful for (her) legatees. Your passion made the production come alive!

Linda Adams Troy, Montreal

Dear Mom,

As I watched your ethical will this week, I realized how you’ve molded my life in so many ways. I could not have grown up with better parents or role models and the person I have become is entirely a reflection of the generosity and selflessness you have bestowed on me over the last 34 years… I will always love you and cherish all that you’ve tried to instill in me. You are an incredible person and when I watched your DVD this week, I saw a summary of your legacy… the values, sincerity, and positive manner whereby you live your life is so beautiful and I will never forget that beauty. This beauty radiates throughout your work, friendships and accomplishments and it is an example that I will always strive to follow. This 60th birthday is a true milestone — you’re halfway there. I truly can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with for the second half of the show. I love you always. Happy 60th birthday.

 A Client’s son


We are thrilled that you captured my life and our family business’ stories through the superb documentary that your team has produced. The entire staff of our Hotel Group are inspired by our Corporate Ethical Will which we show regularly at our Team Meetings.

I have recently become a great-grandfather for the first time, and  I am very happy knowing that our DVDs are available for my great-grandson to view one day. Thanks again for a lovely production experience.

Roger A. Saunders
Founder, Saunders Hotel Group and Chairman of The Lenox Hotel, Boston

…We are very pleased that this excellent legacy may be passed on… I am sure (this production) will be viewed and keenly appreciated by many. 

The Henry & Berenice Kaufmann Foundation

I have seen a large number of corporate and promotional videos but I have not seen one in which the quality of the production is as clear and captivating as this one.

Dr. Robert M. Levine

The Tribute Book and DVD that Iris and her team produced for our Dad’s Memorial Service over-exceeded our expectations. Iris created a work of art that will help our family and friends remember my father for many generations. Very professionally done!

Marshall Kiev
The Kiev Foundation, Westport, Connecticut

…I was extremely pleased with the DVD; it is very polished and professional. You could see too that (my father) was very moved. Job very well done…

L.G., Toronto